About Maglid

After a number of mishaps in the kitchen involving the use of home ware products incorporating traditional screw top closures, the inventor of the Maglid Technology saw the interest and utility to bring closures into the 21st Century and the idea of a Magic lid was born. The idea developed into the technology that is now patented in in the whole world and protected by Maglid patent.

On the 17th March 2010, Maglid Technologies Holdings Limited was incorporated in Cyprus, in the European Union.

Maglid closing system is applicable to any container/canister/bottle etc. and our goal is to bring simplicity to one of the most common gesture we all do every single day!

The Maglid Team is made up of professionals with years of experience in Research & Development, Design and Manufacturing . We are continuoustly developping new product under our brand name or for 3rd party wishing to implement a more advanced closing technology.

Company information :

MTH Maglid Technology Holdings Ltd
33 Korinthou Str, Ag. Trimithias,
2671, Nicosia

Fax: +357 22339550
Corporate Email: info@maglid.com

Patents :

First we want to thank the European Union, the Ministy of Commerce and Industry and Republic of Cyprus.
Without them, this company would have never reached its potential. Thank you!

Please find below an extensive list of patents Maglid Technologies holds worldwide.
For more information you can find online on patent site such as for example EspaceNet Patent Search.